How To Tighten Vagania

At one stage in women's life their comes a time when her vagina starts to loose its firmness , this usually happens due to child birth or aging and it results lack of interest in sex as the feeling of intense penetration is almost lost. But the modern woman is not the one to give up on anything so she looks for ways to tighten her vagina in order to enjoy sex all over again. Basically there are two options available to tighten a loose vagina. In this article let us discuss about both of them and find out which one is best suited for you.

Vagina Tightening Surgery
This is the surest and the fastest way to tighten a loose vagina. It costs around 00 to 00 and lasts till your next pregnancy. At present this is the most popular method to tighten a vagina but due to its expensive nature everyone cannot afford to go ahead with this method.

Natural Vaginal Tightening Creams
This method is increasingly becoming popular amongst women largely due to lack of any side effects as well as the cost of these creams. Let us find out how they work.

These creams are applied 15 to 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. The herbs present in them make the vagina tighter by almost 30% thereby enhancing the feeling of penetration for both the partners.

Apart from making the vagina tighter these creams have also been found helpful in getting rid of bad vaginal odor as well as act as natural lubricants. The only thing to keep in mind is to abstain from the creams usage during menstruation or if you have any vaginal infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

    how to tighten vagania?
    Actually m just 26 years old n a mother of 8 months old vagania has become loosen...i want to know tht is there any solution to make is again tight for sex with my husband so tht i give him more pleasure.

    • ANSWER:
      Do Kiegal exercises just like they had you do when you gave birth in the hospital. If your not familiar google kegel exercise. It is where you tighten and release you muscles in the perineal area.

how to tighten vagania